Missame Brush Set

5:29 PM

I've always been a big believer of retail therapy; messy breakup? New shoes. Failed an exam? New skirt. Just generally depressed? Maybe some new shades. Whatever the problem, shopping is the solution. This probably isn't the best for my wallet, but I feel it's loads healthier than other outlets people may turn to. Although this will always be my number one go-to therapy, I have recently discovered the magic of gift therapy (and I have become a believer). Retail therapy without having to spend the money, sign me up?!!

After possibly the worst day of my life (okay maybe I'm being a bit dramatic), I was greeted at my best friend Anna's house by little presents! And the best part is that she didn't even have a reason to give them, she just felt like it! Yes my best friend is better than yours. Kidding…sorta. 

One of my surprise gifts was a Missame brush set! I was in desperate need for new brushes (or any brushes at all) and my prayers were answered. Now I finally have a brush for all my makeup needs; concealer, brow bone, blending, powder, etc…No longer do I have to use my hands and get makeup on every single object I come into contact with. 

This is the perfect starter set, they come with a little instruction booklet explaining what's what and how to wash them. "They're perfect because they come in a cute little case, so your brushes are always in one place and are all organized for travel" - Anna (more or less paraphrased because my memory is awful). So if you're still using dollar store brushes or your hands like I was, and are looking for an upgrade, I highly suggest a brush set by Missame. Anna said they were a good deal on Amazon, so go get 'em while you can! 

Hope you enjoyed & happy shopping! 

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