NYFW S/S 2016

8:40 PM

You never know where you'll be in two days, two years, or two decades. Sixteen year old Melissa never thought she'd be sitting second row at a New York Fashion week show. Hell, even eighteen year old Melissa didn't expect that. 

WEARING: Forever 21 Jacket | Topshop Joni Jeans | Forever 21 Pumps

Yet there I was, surrounded by my friends, living my high school daydreams. It felt almost too casual, like it was something I'd done thousands of times. I had no time to prepare; half of my clothes were in the laundry that morning and I went there with straight up bed-head. Although none of that even mattered because I was going to a fashion show, as a guest. I wasn't seating celebrities in an all black uniform and running sneakers like last year, I was being seated. 

Similar to every runway show, the actual collection was only paraded around the runway for about ten minutes, if that.  The minimalistic designs of designer Julianna Bass passed by my eyes in a blur of bright patterns and long-legged models. I was so close that I could practically feel the concentration behind their pointed gazes.

 To a New Yorker this was no great feat, they average about twenty of these shows a year. They even dread the arrival of Fashion Week. I, on the other hand, almost cried out of happiness. I also hung my camera like a statement necklace around my neck. I made sure to document every second of this amazing opportunity, like the true rookie I am. Rookies have more fun anyway. 

You can check out the collection I saw right here. (My favorite pieces were the orange palazzo pants, and the 'I Think I Need a New Heart' printed dress.)

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