The Gibson Girl

8:03 PM

Clothes aren't just clothes. They are mechanisms of travel and transformation. With the right mindset, the pieces of fabric hanging from your body suddenly become a point of imagination and creativity. 

WEARING: Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Topshop | Watch: Casio | Coat: Century 21 | Sneakers: Adidas

To most a jacket is just a jacket. It does not live beyond it's polyester blend exterior and faux silk lining. To most, it is merely a source of warmth, coverage, and convenience. To me, a jacket is a persona. When I wear my denim jacket with enamel pins, I'm a hard ass who takes their coffee black and faces the world with a pair of dark shades. When I drape my pink Zara coat over my shoulders, I'm a classy business lady who's known for her red lip and strong grip on the world. 

My new grey duster coat takes me back to the early 1900's. The masculine cut shows that it's wearer doesn't conform to her expected dress, she's a modern woman. Much like the "Gibson Girl" illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson in late 19th century, she is unafraid to wear something considered "not suitable for women". She wears ties, tailored suits, and sneakers. Not because she is begging for attention or unfeminine, but because she damn likes it.  

Maybe it's my Fashion History class getting to me that's influencing the injection of personality into inanimate jackets...or maybe it's just my sanity slipping due to finals approaching. Either way, playing dress up is a way for my brain to solidify dreams and aspirations. I play dress up and create personas because I would like to be a little bit of each of these "people". It's a way of bettering myself, and having fun while I do it. 

So today I'm the Gibson Girl, tomorrow who knows who I'll be (probably the frustrated art student struggling with final projects, oh wait that's everyday).

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  1. That grey coat looks amazing on you and we love how you paired it with those white sneakers, great piece choices!

    ISA Professional