10:11 AM

The breaths in between dreams and life tend to feel empty, but when you are not inhaling, you are exhaling. The pauses between excitement and advancement seem unnecessary and dull, but serve an important purpose. Once in awhile, you must take a break from whatever it is that keeps you awake at night and welcome tranquility into your routine. Whether it be work, the crowded city, or the dramatics of family life, stand back and soften your focus. Take a trip to the country, read a book, light some incense, get away.

WEARNG: Primark Overalls | Vintage Scarf | Primark Crossbody | Adidas Superstars

Not all breaks are the exact same length, the duration varies due to numerous factors. My break happens to be exactly three months, a generous length given to all college students once  a year. This break is meant to be a time to unwind, but most students fall victim to a seemingly never ending cycle of depression in these sunny months. It’s the isolation, it’s the change in familiarity, it’s the lack of meaning. Everything we know is stripped away from us and replaced with a hollow version of our old lives.

To combat the change, my virgo nature tells me to hold on to the bit of familiarity that I can. During the school year, a good portion of my life revolves around fashion. Adidas sneakers, dainty scarves, and all things black feel like home to me. Just because I am now residing in the land of Lilly Pulitzer, doesn’t mean I have to conform to the preppy dress code. I am making a conscious effort to remain true to my style during this pause from familiarity. I am taking a breather from hectic Manhattan, but I am holding onto the style I enjoy and am comfortable with.

It is possible to adapt to the stillness of suburban life, while still remaining true to your fast-paced goals and ideals. It’s just a breath inbetween, one you didn’t even know you needed. Embrace this pause in chaos completely, leave no candle unlit and no nap untaken. But don’t forget to dress like your fabulous self while doing so.

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