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Jeans - Hydraulic (out July 28th)* 

Greetings earthlings! I come to you from 37,988 feet above the earth's ground. I'm on a plane, if you didn't get that. I am currently headed towards Florida with Anna in tow! I've been a bit lacking in the outfits of the week…so I thought why not post an airport outfit! Airport outfits are always tricky because you have to make sure you're insanely comfortable, but still presentable to the world. Don't get me wrong, I would love to completely bum it, but my parents like to get a headstart on vaycay (aka going somewhere directly off the plane). Due to this I have to look somewhat put together. 

I finally gave into the birks trend (even though mine aren't real ones). I never really understood the appeal of these "jesus sandals" until I saw so many other bloggers styling them. It turns out they can actually look really cute with the right outfit! They're also a good alternative to flip-flops (which I despise with a burning passion).

 I decided to pair these light brown sandals with the classic white t-shirt and jeans combo. Now I know what you're thinking…"jeans?!?! On a plane?!?". I would have thought that too until I discovered the "Traveling Jean" from Hydraulic. They are honestly the most comfortable jeans in the entire world, and they come with a cute little luggage tag! They're super stretchy and feel just like leggings. I could literally do splits in these (well, I could atleast try). So with these jeans I'm able to be comfortable and still look cute, which is what I'm all about. The acid wash ones that I'm wearing aren't actually part of the traveling jean, but they're just as comfy so I packed these and the traveling jeans for the ride home. These cuties come out on July 28th, so you can snap up a pair for the start of school!! 

Hope you enjoyed :)

PS - The girl behind the camera ;)

*Jeans courtesy of Hydraulic Jeans

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