O.O.T.W. Sunny Florals

1:55 PM

Top - Walmart (really!)
Bag - Steve Madden
Watch - Fossil
Bracelet - Chinatown (lol)

Hello all! My plane just landed a few hours ago and I'm already back to my usual; eating and surfing the internet. Florida gave me enough sun to last a couple months, so I won't be leaving my room for a while. As most vacations are, it was extremely warm but beautiful and relaxing. It was nice to take a break from crazy New York and just lay in the sun for hours on end. The palm trees were also pretty therapeutic. 

If you're like me, vacation means no makeup, salty hair, and loose fitting clothes (to make room for all those delicious restaurant meals of course). For the most part I wore a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, but on the rare occasion I felt like dressing up, I wore slightly fancier versions of that duo. 

The H&M shorts I'm wearing were my "I want to look cute but still be able to walk" shorts (jean shorts can get extremely uncomfortable). They were really comfortable due to the elastic waistband and flowy material, yet cute for all my touristy endeavors. I also purchased the roll neck top while getting goggles from a local Walmart, who knew Walmart had cute tops!? Anna and I also went on a shopping spree in Ross, which has the cheapest, cutest clothes we had ever seen. It was there and few other shops where I purchased about a thousand new sunnies (it's sort of an addiction). So if you're out to a theme park or just to the beach, try a pair of elastic-waist shorts with a cute top, believe me, you won't regret it!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed, are enjoying, or will enjoy your vacation(s)! 
Till next time ( and sadly that will be back in New York :/ )

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  1. I love these shorts they are so cute and look so comfy too! My blog is a little similar to yours and it would mean a lot if you checked it out and maybe left a comment telling me what you think?


    1. Thank you! Of course, I'll check it out when I get a chance XX :D

  2. Lovely pictures! adore your outfit, especially those super cute shorts!

    ♥ http://shopaholicoverhere.blogspot.nl/