Drugstore Envy: Milani Lipsticks

5:58 PM

Purple - Violet Volt 34

As this semester has progressed and it has gotten closer and closer to finals, I find myself putting on a lipstick almost every morning. The reason is simple; it quickly and easily pulls together any look. Lipstick takes two seconds to apply, but it feigns the appearance of effort for the overall look. Simply put; I'm lazy and lipstick is my go-to when I'm too groggy to properly put a ton of effort into my eye makeup or outfit. 

To adjust to my new makeup routine, I went shopping for some new shades. I found myself attracted to the Milani section in Harmon Face Values (mainly because they were among the cheapest). I've tried other drugstore brands, i.e. Cover Girl, Revlon, Rimmel, and none of them have really tickled my fancy (hehe). 

The second I swatched the Milani lipsticks I fell in love with them. They smell like pure magic, which is a feat for lipsticks considering most smell like gross chemicals. These little beauties also have amazing pigmentation and adorable packaging! They won't chap your lips but I wouldn't say they can replace your chapstick either. I would suggest putting on a layer of chapstick before applying them just to keep your lips fully moisturized. 

Although I plan to buy many more, I bought essentials colors first. I purchased a nice everyday pink (Nude Creme), a classic red (High Voltage), and a purple for my punk-ass roomie (Violet Volt). Currently on my wish list are;
1. "Naturally Chic" which is a mocha-kylie jenner-esque color
2."Cabaret Blend" a deep winter burgundy 
3. "Sweet Nectar" aka the coolest orange you've ever seen
4. "Flamingo Pose" an adorable candy pink

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite winter shades and drugstore brands!
(Also if you are planning on buying some of these for yourself, I suggest going to Harmon before any other drug store because they are $4.99 instead of $6.99 like at CVS and Duane Reid!!)

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