Crystal Clear

10:16 AM

I'm Wearing: Warby Parker Glasses | Forever 21 Sweater | Mango Skirt | Shelley's London Shoes | Kate Spade Bag

Aleena is Wearing: H&M Coat | Marshalls Boots

Change never comes when it's desired. It comes just as you start to feel comfortable and safe. It syphons you into it's whirlwind and uproots you from all familiarity, then spits you out somewhere completely different.

 I've never been one to welcome change into my life. My Virgo tendencies lead me to avoid this "horrible" thing at all costs. Contrary to what I've always believed, I've recently learned that change doesn't have to be a negative thing. If life is stagnant, how can it ever improve? What I'm trying to say is; change can be for the better. Even if it seems awful, sometimes great things can result from it. 

In a few months my family and I are packing our bags and moving 3 hours away from our current home. It's scary, terrifying actually, but I promised myself that I will welcome it with open arms. I try to treat it like moving to New York for college; it was a huge change but the best thing that ever happened to me.

To fully embrace all the change in my life, I decided to switch things up in my look. Instead of the safety net that were my old black frames, I went to Warby Parker and purchased a pair of crystal glasses. I was nervous that the frames would look washed out or cheap, but I have fallen in love with the look of these.

Change can be terrifying, but if you keep an open mind to it something great just might happen. (Like DANIELLE BERNSTEIN  telling you she likes the glasses that you were afraid to wear out in public!!!)

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