Fedoras & Turtlenecks

3:23 PM

Wearing : Annie Sez Fedora |  Banana Republic Sweater | Forever 21 Jeans | H&M Boots (no longer available) | Alex & Ani Bracelets 

This winter has been a rather warm one, permitting me to go without my bulky parka most days. The day I shot this it was especially warm and I got to prance around in just this cute little sweater! I hit up Banana Republic, for their after Holidays sale, and got two cowl neck sweaters (including the one above) half price. Usually I would deem Banana Republic more of a "mom" store, but in my newfound maturity (hah!) I've come to really enjoy their things. 

Another adult-ish store I wrote off years ago was Annie Sez. Basically any store my mom dragged me into when I was little was deemed "old lady" in my mind. Only recently have I realized these stores actually have really cute things (like this fedora my grandma got me from Annie Sez). 

Although I have rediscovered these "adult stores", I'll always stick to the essentials: H&M and Forever 21. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and one is goooold...as they say. Forever 21 has really stepped up it's game recently, making it hard to forget anyway. They came out with a line of high-rise jeans, pictured above and on my twitter here. For $12 they aren't the nicest quality, (i.e. they get stretched out easily) but they'll have to do for now.

Hope you enjoyed!

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