Shoe Collection: Winter Edition

9:09 PM


Winter is a season of being zipped, bundled, and closed tight. There are few brave souls that can bear the ice cold air in flimsy flats, and I am not one of them. My feet are without fail clad in a pair of trusty black boots (sometimes brown) and occasionally a sneaker. 

Annually I purchase a pair of black boots or booties that match the trend defining that year. This year I went for a neoprene H&M bootie, daring to get a higher heel than usual. Although new, this purchase can never replace any of my old reliables. It simply adds to the trusty collection. Black boots never go out of style, and even when old they can still keep warm and look great with anything. Why get rid of something you love just because you have a newer version?

Following this trend, my browning converse were replaced with a pair of dazzling white high tops. Likewise I kept the old ones to wear at concerts or anywhere muddy. I also purchased a pair of super sparkly Aldo running sneakers (which haven't seen the inside of a gym and probably never will). They remind me of the Chanel 2014 Spring Couture sneakers, which I will lust after for the rest of my life. 

I've already got my eyes on next year's chosen black bootie- Zara glitter booties. A great combination of the glittery Aldo sneakers and a classic chelsea boot (could there be anything more perfect?!?!). Plus they're on sale! (might have to change annual to semi-annual!).

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