NYFW: Street Style

6:37 PM

??? :(


The Vintage Twin

Reina Del Mar Torres (Stylist Secrets)

Even through the snow and wind, Lincoln Center was popping today. Despite the misconception the enormous amounts of open-toed shoes portrayed, it was frigid. Thankfully the bloggers didn't let that keep them in their swanky apartments! I will never understand how some bloggers can stand out in the cold without tights or heavy jackets, but I guess if you aren't a poor college student and can take a cab, coats aren't necessary...

I, on the other hand wore a parka and ten thousand gloves to fight off the frigid airs while taking pictures. Photographing street style is a great experience; the bloggers are all so sweet, the fashion is refreshing, and photography is such a fun hobby. Above are some of my favorite looks from today (Ania's was my favorite by far). 

Come back tomorrow for a post about my experience volunteering (ahhhhhh I'm so nervous!)

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