10 Things I Learned at Fashion Week are...

10:47 PM

1. There is way more behind the scenes work than you think

2. Models are humans too (who apparently eat pizza and listen to music)

3. For every stereotype that is broken, one is proven true

4. New York is smaller than you think (so be nice to everyone, because you never know who you might meet again)

5. Not everyone who looks important actually is (this one is a long story that includes a double run-in with a fake Lady Gaga)

6. Working your butt off might not do anything in the immediate future, but will pay off in the long run

7. They will trust just about anyone to carry a thousand dollar couture gown to the designer's hotel room (aka me)

8. There are a million people in your exact place, who make great friends (they get you better than anyone else)

9. Not everyone is nice (pay no attention to these people, they don't matter)

10. It's about more than just the clothes

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