It's All in the Styling

10:07 PM

Wearing:  TJ Maxx Beanie | H&M Parka | TJ Maxx Blouse | TJ Maxx Boots
Acessorize Purse (out of stock- similar linked)

Don't let this never ending winter weather make you go out of style. Yes that was an attempted Taylor Swift pun. No I won't try to make another one.

 All jokes aside, this winter has been harsh. Especially in NYC where the iceberg surrounding us only just started melting a few days ago. The streets are constantly covered in slush and the air always brisk, but somehow every New Yorker looks their ever stylish self. Nothing in their outfits is special; everyone's donning the same parka or peacoat, in similar chelsea boots, and with the same black pants. 

 I asked myself: if everyone wears the same thing, how does each New Yorker look unique? Then it hit's all in the styling. The details, the accessories, the trimmings! How can you stand out in winter? Wear a crazy hat! Flaunt some sparkly jewlery! Wear a bright lipstick! Winter has necessities: warm coats, pants and waterproof shoes. Unfortunately you can't get rid of those...but you can dress them up and make them uniquely you (without freezing your ass off) by adding your own touch in the details.

       And yes that is Taylor Swift's apartment in Tribeca.

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