Nueva York

6:58 PM

Wearing: Garage Flannel | Forever 21 Shorts | Forever 21 Boots | Mulberry Satchel

A Friend of mine once said she was waiting for her "New York moment" to happen. At first I thought that was a completely plausible idea, it seems as if everyone in this grand city has that one moment of  complete splendor and miracle. Although my year in New York has taught me that in this city you cannot wait for your moment to occur, but need to make it happen for yourself. 

Manhattan feels ruthless and cold sometimes, but it is not purposefully trying to tear you down. This city holds a strong indifference to the people living within it. You cannot step foot in this city and expect to be needed, loved, and cared for. But you can find your own place of importance here; you can make your own moment. No magical occurrence will come and sweep you off your feet, but hard hard work, a kind heart, and a metrocard will get you anywhere you want to go. 

In a city of about 8.6 million, it's easy to become faceless, but there is a simple solution for getting lost in this crowd; be yourself, work hard, and surround yourself with great people. Only then will the skyscrapers become less daunting, the sirens less piercing, and you can finally make your own "New York moment". 

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