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In the fashion industry today, sportswear has become synonymous with casual. Adidas sneakers have replaced heels, T-shirts replaced blouses, and neoprene replaced silk. Trends today include sporting Nike crew socks and tennis skirts. As a society, our fashion choices have subconsciously become that of a 90's teenager taking tennis lessons, which is a trend I full on support. Really who's gonna complain about more comfortable clothes becoming trendy.

Wearing: Forever 21 Top & Skort | H&M Sandals 
Wearing: Kate Spade Saturday Dress | Forever 21 Leather Jacket | Vince Camuto Sandals

When I'm running around the city, I like to be comfortable but still look like I belong there (aka avoid the touristy-fannypack look). With a high neckline, I don't have to worry about my shirt falling too low or having to pull it up constantly. AND with a detailed neckline and sleeve hem, a regular white t-shirt can be transformed into something interesting. Also for the look of a business woman with the versatility of a tourist I highly recommend a (pair of?) skort(s?).

Not only has a sporty silhouette come into fashion but so have the fabrics and detailing of sportswear. Honestly nothing is more comfortable than this pillowy neoprene, Kate Spade dress. Neoprene has recently found a home in my wardrobe, mostly in fun bright colors. SO if you're like me and enjoy the look of sportswear but are the most unfit person in the world, give it a go in your everyday or nighttime look.

Photography by the talented Emily Cappon 

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