Summer Lipsticks

8:31 PM

Lime Crime Velvetines in Riot $20

This bold and unique brand of lipsticks has been flooding my social media as of late. Lime Crime has taken over my favorite Instagram feeds and has been seen on the lips of some of my favorite celebrities (Melanie Martinez & Marina and the Diamonds). I decided I had enough of looking from the sidelines and decided to get a tube for myself. As far as pigment goes, this is one of the best formulas for super opaqueness. I purchased this light red/maroon color called Riot, which has a versatility that makes it a great color for year long wear. The formula can be a bit drying due to the matteness, but it has amazing stay power. Also the packaging is so adorable and the lipstick smells like vanilla frosting! If you want to try out a Lime Crime product, I would suggest purchasing from UO, only due to Lime Crime's reputation of having awful customer service.
(such a shame for an amazing product!)

 NYX Matte Lipstick In Couture $6

NYX is also a brand that social media is constantly buzzing about. Bloggers are constantly raving about NYX's amazing dupes to higher end products. Their packaging is minimalist chic (my fave) and makes you feel as if you are purchasing a luxury brand. I started off buying eyebrow powder from them and ended up owning almost every product they make. I've been loving their matte lipsticks for this Summer, the cream lipsticks can feel a bit sticky and gross in the Summer. I purchased the color Couture thinking it was going to be a beige nude, but when I put it on my lips it turned a pale baby pink. At first I was disappointed, but I have grown to really love this refreshing color (although I will never trust NYX's packaging again). The staying power is a little weak, but it's still a steal for the price point! 

Lancome Color Design in Red Haute  $22

I like to call this my "Taylor Swift and Peggy Carter red". Taylor would never dare walk the streets without her signature red lip, and for good reason. It makes her look powerful, sophisticated, and bold all at the same time. Likewise with Peggy Carter, a red lip gives her badass persona the finishing touch. I think everyone needs that one classic red that makes you feel like you can takeover the world. I chose Lancome because there's no better feeling than walking into Lord & Taylor and being pampered whilst picking out lipsticks. This formula is a gorgeous blue tone red, and despite the glossy appearance in the picture, is matte. Contrary to the matte finish, the lipstick isn't drying at all and actually feels quite soft. It takes a couple of layers to get an opaque pigment, but it lasts for almost the whole day after that. The only real drawback to this is that the tube doesn't stand by itself due to its rounded edges (packaging 101 Lancome, comeon)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 14 $6

I have been searching for the perfect nude lip color for the longest time. I've been on the search ever since I first discovered makeup. And boy, is it difficult to find that perfect "my lips but better" shade, although I think this one is has come pretty close. When picking out this shade I was influenced by Danielle Bernstein, master of the nude lip. When I saw the color, I immediately thought of her signature look and hoped to replicate it. When I tried it on my lips, it was almost an exact match to her favorite lipstick, but it appeared a little different with my complexion (aka I'm pale af). Even though it doesn't look exactly like Danielle's color, I wasn't disappointed, I knew I couldn't expect an exact match. Just like limecrime, Rimmel's formula has a sugary sweet scent, which basically cancels out anything negative about the formula (like how it doesn't have the best staying power). This wraps up my favorite shades for Summer '15, here's to hoping you find your perfect shade too!

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