O.O.T.W. Casual Coral

8:50 PM

Top: Tj Maxx
Cardigan: Tj Maxx
Shoes: Walmart 
Bag: Steve Madden

          Hello! Today I decided to post a more casual weekend outfit, actually I didn't really decide the universe decided for me. Last night I saw Les Miserables on Broadway (which was spectacular and made me cry about 5 different times). I did my hair in a milkmaid braid, did my makeup all nice, and put on this blazer that I liked and whatnot. Basically I went all out because I thought, why not do a nice little night at Broadway outfit? Well the universe decided to take my SD card out of my camera and leave it at my house, no I did not forget it, it was the universe duh. In result all I was left with was grainy phone pictures :(. So instead of doing a fancy outfit of the night- I went for the complete opposite! I found this adorable shirt at TJ Maxx, and it has little pineapples all over. I'm currently obsessed with pineapples (refer to "Pretty in Pineapple") so I decided I needed this flowy tank. I also found these little white shoes for $5, and I've been wearing them all of the time since my converse are completely ruined. If you want a comfortable weekend outfit that also looks cute, I suggest wearing a loose tank or tee with a comfy cardigan, sneakers, and jeans or leggings. To feign the appearance of effort in your outfit (like I did) add a pretty statement piece and cool shades (insert sunglasses face emoji). Hope you enjoyed! Xx

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  1. Hi, out of interest how did you create your banner? Is it a font?
    Thanks, Jen x

    1. Hi! Yep it's a font I have on photoshop :)