O.O.T.W. Wallflower

7:02 PM

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: Forever 21
Bangle: Cotton On

        Recently I've been loving everything mesh. Prom season has brought about dozens of dresses with netting, illusion necklines, and sheer panels. While on my own hunt for a dress, and seeing my friend's dresses, mesh has made it's way into my heart. If not done right mesh can look kinda tacky, but in small, tasteful amounts it can really look edgy and cool (insert sunglasses emoji). I've been looking everywhere for a simple tee that had some sort of mesh detail that was placed somewhere functional, aka somewhere that it wouldn't expose my whole bra or midriff. Low and behold I find the perfect tee in Forever 21's sports section of all places! Who would have thought active wear could be cute too? The shirt was only $10 which was a steal because it's so gorgeous and versatile. I bought it in two colors because I just couldn't resist. Today I layered it over a floral print dress, and added an edge (or tried to at least) with my patent black boots and bomber jacket. Hope you enjoyed & make sure to check out the active wear section because you never know what you just might find!

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