Festival/Concert Survival Guide

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What To Bring
Concerts can be magical experiences that you hold with you for the rest of your life….or they can lead to an unexpected trip to ER depending on how you handle and prepare for them. When it comes to packing for festivals or anything of that sort, my motto is always "the more the merrier". You never know if the bodyguards are going to take away your water bottle or if you're going to lose that $20 you had in your back pocket, so you always need to have backups! 
I've packed all of my things in a Kipling cross body bag (essential bag type for pit-pocketing prevention). It has a thousand little compartments for all of my random goodies. 
With me I've brought:
  • lots of cash money $$$ for train tickets, band tees, water, or any other thing I need to buy. Having a lot of one dollar bills is always handy for vending machines or other things. 
  • transportation essentials (train ticket, metro card, car keys, etc…)
  •  a little power bank I bought from Radio Shack (for when my phone dies from all the videos I took and I need to call my mommy). 
  • plenty of water bottles and snacks, because no one wants to be the girl who passed out before the concert even began. 
  • a little cartoon I drew to hopefully give to Melanie Martinez (the singer I'm seeing tonight). 

Some visuals are provided down below for those who would rather skip all this writing ;)

What To Wear
There are only three things to remember when dressing for a festival or concert- cute, comfy, cool. You gotta be looking stylish for the slight chance you meet your favorite band memeber, but you can't forfeit comfort for style because it's just not worth it. You need to find the perfect mix. 
  • I suggest going for the graphic tee and shorts combo for the clothing part of the outfit; you won't be overheated in this outfit, it looks cute, plus you don't have to worry about your skirt flying up. I went for this floral graphic tee from H&M with a pair of black high waisted shorts from Forever 21.
  • For shoes, sneakers are the way to go. The closed toe prevents it from hurting when people step all over your feet. Plus you're going to be standing for hours so might as well be comfortable. I'm wearing my extremely dirty white converse, and to make them a little less dingy I wore frilly socks I got from Topshop.
  • For jewelry I just stacked on some rainbow beaded bracelets I made that have my URL on them :)
  • As far as makeup goes I have the bare minimum. Sweating has and will occur so I just brushed on some powder and concealer. I've put concealer all over my eyelids to block out any veins or discolorations then applied winged eyeliner and waterproof mascara. For lips I used a Baby Lips tinted chapstick (in Pink Punch) to keep my lips hydrated while adding some color to my makeup look.
                                                      Hope you enjoyed & put these tips to good use!

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  1. I hope I get the chance to go to a festival one day! They sound so crazy and fun.
    I LOVE your frilly white socks.


    1. Thankyou!! Definitely go to one, they're crazy but fun! :D

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