NYC O.O.T.W. & Hydraulic Jeans

7:17 AM

Jacket: Thrifted
Bag: Mulberry (Ebay similar)
Flats: Me Too

Hello lovelies! This past Friday was just about one of the most exciting Fridays I've ever had. As you can probably tell from the pictures, I was invited to go down to Hydraulic Jeans in New York for a little look around their showroom. The place itself was gorgeous, it was a few blocks away from Times Square and inside there were jeans as far as the eye could see. It was jean heaven, literally. Not only was the place lovely, but all the people we met were so friendly and down to earth (not to mention the gorgeous Shea Flood, who has the voice of an angel). Everyone at Hydraulic was as cool and laid back as their jeans. 

After getting lost and arriving almost a half an hour late (oops), Anna (my friend and basically personal photographer) and I chatted with the people behind the amazing brand of Hydraulic. We learned all about their new revamp, which is turning out crazy pretty. They've changed their logo and graphic design to incorporate cheerier colors and social media. We got a sneak peek of their new logo which dons "#Hydraulic" in bright blue. Along with this makeover the designers are working on a new back to school line including the "traveling jean" (aka the most comfortable jean ever).

They are all about comfort, but comfort without sacrificing style (and money!), which is basically what I'm all about too. I love me a pair of comfy jeans plus I work a minimum wage job. When I find a pair that "hug my booty just the right way" (as Anna says), and are pretty affordable, I wear them all the time. I think we can all agree that we all have one pair of go-to jeans, that are almost too worn in due to extreme overuse. Hydraulic jeans are definitely those type of jeans. I'm not just saying this, they are honestly so comfortable. I was shown samples of their material next to regular jean material; it's slightly more stretchy and softer than regular jeans, but it doesn't look any different. Basically I can't wait for their new line to come out because I need a thousand of these denim beauties to bring with me to college, because who wants to sit with uncomfortable jeans in a three hour lecture hall?

Gosh, I got so caught up in all this denim talk I forgot about my outfit. I snagged this striped t-shirt dress from Forever 21's clearance for only $10!! Crazy right? Also in the denim spirit, I added a vintage Levi's jacket that was gifted to me by a friend. To dress up the outfit I wore my favorite iridescent statement necklace and a pair of cute ankle strap flats that I may or may not be wearing to prom ;)

So this pretty much sums up my super exciting weekend! Hope you enjoyed!

disclaimer: All opinions are 100% mine 
and I was not paid (besides a cute little goodie bag
with cookies and chapstick) to write this post

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