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Shoes: Me Too

Forget the date, forget the limo, even forget the actual ticket, because there is no prom without a prom dress. I didn't even go to my actual prom yet (it's the 26th) but I don't even care because I have my dress and that's all that matters. After hours of sifting through plastic rhinestones and draped chiffon - I found the one.

From countless hours of watching "Say Yes to the Dress" I was told the moment I saw my dress I would just know. Seems like T.V. taught me well, because I found it was completely true. I first spotted this polka dotted beauty online in a Sherri Hill fashion show. It was love at first sight. From that moment on no other dress could even so much as make me lift an eyebrow, let alone make my heart flutter like this one does. 

After knowing it was "the one" I dragged my mom two hours away to Long Island to basically the only retailer I could find that carried the dress. It was a pretty penny, and I still cringe thinking about the price (sorry mom), but it was completely worth it. It also caused my grandpa long, hard, hours of tailoring, which I am so thankful for (Papa if you're reading this you're the bomb). I wanted to be original, prom dresses can tend to look the same after a while. I also wanted to be completely true to my crazy, kind of out there style. I feel nothing embodies me better than this admittedly outrageous gown. 

As for shoes I'm wearing a pair of T-straps from Me Too. I'm also carrying along the flat version of these shoes for when I can't take the heels any longer. I purchased a sequin bow clutch from DSW to match the bodice of my dress and feed to my bow obsession. I tried to stay classy with makeup since my dress is very busy. I did a simple smokey eye and bold red lips. My lipstick is from Milani (and was something ridiculous like $4??), the color is called "High Voltage".  It's amazing and far better than any big name brand I've tried. It smells like sweet goodness and has amazing staying power. 

I'm so excited to attend the actual prom and leave high school with a bang :)
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. It's such an amazing dress! I can see why you fell in love with it!

    Sophie xxx

  2. I hope you'll have an awesome prom in that dress! I for sure do love it and I think it looks amazing on you, I guess it's worth every penny you payed!

    1. Thanks!! I like to tell myself it was worth it lol

  3. Oh my gosh, the dress is so pretty! I love how unique it is too. I haven't ever seen one like it.